If you are interested in enrolling at our school, please request an Enrolment Form from our school office at Longford Primary School or 03 5149 7210.

Our school follows the Department of Education’s Enrolment Policy for the enrolment, placement, and transfer of students.

Students who live within the school zone are guaranteed a place at our school. To find out whether you live in zone, visit findmyschool.vic.gov.au

All other applications will be considered subject to available space, and prioritised according to:

  1. students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time
  2. all other students in order of closeness of their home to the school

Parent Handbook

Enrolment Form 

Placement Policy


  • Successive visits to school are arranged to familiarise the children with classroom organization and outdoor facilities.
  • Orientation Day (December)
  • Pre-schoolers visit for the morning as new Preps. Parents meet the probable class teacher and Principal.
  • Each Wednesday during February, prep children will not be required to attend school.
  • Discretionary Pick-Up: If parents feel that their child is not coping with the first few weeks (due to tiredness, hot weather, etc.), please talk to the class teacher to arrange earlier pick-ups or other temporary attendance procedures.


Because children are required to be more independent at school, it is helpful for your
child to know these things and to have practised them in an informal way:-

  • Putting things away after use
  • Recognising and being responsible for personal belongings
  • Tie and untie shoe laces
  • Attend to toilet needs and adjust clothing
  • Washing hands after using toilet
  • Suitable personal hygiene habits
  • Management of items such as lunch boxes and drink


  • Talk to your child about what they can do if they need help at school.
  • Encourage your child to carry their own school bag
  • Allow your child to walk independently into the school yard.


Parent are required to pay for Essential Student Learning Items are items and activities which the school deems as essential for student learning, without which, students would be unable to access the school’s delivery of the standard curriculum.

Where practical and appropriate, parents may choose to purchase essential items through the school or provide their own.

In addition to these materials your child will need:

  • An art smock (refer to school clothing section)
  • A school bag
  • A library bag
  • A school uniform – Purchased from JSM Embroidery, Sale


Year 6 students have the opportunity to visit the Secondary School of their choice for an information day (mid year) and an orientation day in Term 4.

Year 7 Coordinators visit the school to talk to prospective Year 7 enrolments.

Parents of students in Years 4, 5 and 6 are strongly urged to investigate all sources of Post Primary Education prior to making one of the most vital decisions affecting the education of their child.